Guest FAQ

What is Music Life Radio?

We produce a podcast focusing on stories about people and their relationship with life and music.  We produce biographical stories about all sorts of people including musicians, music industry insiders, and fans. We also produce stories about specific events or themes – a great example of this style is “Special Guest

Where are the interviews and stories recorded?

We record most live content at the Music Life Radio studios in house, at our studio in San Leandro California, which is near Oakland and considered part of the greater Bay Area.  We  do on-location interviews as needed.

We also conduct remote location interviews via Skype.  Here is a great resource for configuration of Skype for this purpose. If you have a regular landline phone that will also work as a last resort.

We also accept stories that have been recorded by YOU.  If you have an idea for your own interview or story please use our contact form to submit your idea.

What types of stories about music do you want?

That’s easy, anything!  We’ve done interviews with punk rockers,  folk musicians,  movie producers, hip hop artists, pop music fans, comedians, music magazine editors, and even a WWII survivor who talked about what it was like growing up without music during the war because the Nazi’s took all the radios away!

What is MLR Studios like?

We are located in beautiful San Leandro, CA.  We have a beautiful room with plush chair and couch for you to relax in while you tell your story. Sure we stick a microphone in your face, however you don’t have to put headphones on or anything.  It’s a conversation with your host! We supply the beverages and snacks and you supply the stories.  It’s low key and chilled.  A relaxed guest is a happy story teller!

What happens after the interview?

We edit the interview, add in clips of music, write the web entry for the episode, add in pictures, then we’ll send the draft to the guest for review.  We are all about making sure guests are happy with the interview before it goes live.  We take your feedback and make the final edits.