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Stephen Tobolowsky is a master storyteller,  an actor appearing in over 150 movies and TV shows, and is a man with a remarkable musical background. We talk to Stephen about his upbringing,  his early band Cast of Thousands who recorded with a young Stevie Ray Vaughan, and his friendship with Jimmie Vaughan on the set of Great Balls of Fire. Stephen also talks about his band L.A. Slugs, his film writing work with musician David Byrne, and we listen to Stephen tell many other great tales. When he’s not listening to Shubert, Haydn, or Nine Inch Nails, he is probably busy recording fascinating stories for his podcast The Tobolowsky Files hosted by David Chen at /Film, which is a spin-off of his outstanding storytelling movie Stephen Tobolowsky’s Birthday Party. Stephen also has a new e-book out called Cautionary Tales.

Cast of Thousands – Stevie Ray Vaughan (middle sitting), Stephen Tobolowsky (far right)

L.A. Slugs Perform Live

Credits: “MLR Intro” by”Rob McCann, “Sonata Opus 13 in A Flat” by “Ludwig Van Beethoven” performed by “Stephen Tobolowsky“, “Red, White, and Blue” by “Cast of Thousands”, “Action” by “L.A. Slugs”, “Civilian Soldier” by “L.A. Slugs”, “Sonata #5 in G Major” by “Wolfgang Amadaeus Mozart” performed by “Stephen Tobolowsky“, “I Heard a Voice Last Night” by “”Cast of Thousands”

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  1. butch strawn says:

    that was chris lingwall on drums with cast of thousands.

  2. butch strawn says:

    i think is not correct when he states that oak cliff was “white flight” when he was growing up there in the 1950s and 60s. White flight took place “from” Oak Cliff in the late 60s and 70s when the blacks started moving in in the early 60s. oak cliff hadd always been white until the late 60s and early 70s. it is an interesting story that has not been explored. “White Flight” was very real and changed a white and very homogenous neighborhood into a black neighborhood in a matter of a few years. steve lived in the very white era of oak cliff when it was still a very safe, wonderful, magical place. it changed very soon after he graduated high school.

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