005 – Permanent Thunder: Scott Warder

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Scott Warder, musician and film maker, talks about his musical roots, and what led him to want to make films. He tells us the story of the making of his documentary about the San Francisco music scene in 1999 when many bands were struggling to find places to play as clubs started closing due to noise ordnances, and zoning laws. Scott resides in Spokane WA, where he has worked on the sets of several films, most recently “Wrong Turn at Tahoe” and “Give ‘Em Hell Malone”.

Scott Warder on the set of "Give 'em Hell Malone"

Credits: Opening song “Scooter” by “Venus Bleeding”, “Wild Youth” by “Generation X”, “Ghetto Mechanic” by “Naked Raygun”, “Lil Redneck” by “Scott Warder”, “Try to Hide” by “Left Out Lamont”, “Acid on the Table” by “Simon Stinger

Check out the full length movie “Permanent Thunder” below.

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