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Dirty Power is a hard rock band from San Francisco that builds upon a solid musical foundation, taking from all the great influences of the past and molding their own new and exciting music. Drawing from bands like AC/DC, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, they mix in a little Cheap Trick and Def Leppard and finally apply a nice dose of Thin Lizzy into their sonic stew. Dirty Power is currently recording their second album with Jack Endino, who said that their first album, which he also recorded, was the best thing he was worked on since Nirvana’s Bleach -and I full heartily agree! Dirty Power play the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco on Sat June 19th at 9pm.

Dirty Power – Jeff Potts (D), Steve Perrone (G), Nick Ulman (B), Patrick Goodman (V, G)

Here is a Dirty Power video for their song “LSD”

Credits:  “Dirty Power“, “Taste of Burning“, “Penny Eyes“, “What Would Mountain Do?“, “Symptom of the Unitard” (All songs by Dirty Power)


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