029 – Riel Poetry: Erik Riel

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Eric Riel
, is a poet, an IT professional, and an avid gamer. Eric describes his creative process, talks about his inspirations, tells us some funny stories, and reads selections from his poetry collection.  Poetry and music have a distinct connection, and so as an experiment we set Eric’s poems to music from Kevin MacLeod‘s Incompetech website. Enjoy this special poetry episode.

Credits: “MLR Intro” by “Rob McCann“, “Feelin Good” by “Kevin MacLeod“, “Black Bird” by “Kevin MacLeod” w/poem “Winged Bird” by “Eric Riel”, “Awkward Meeting” by “Kevin MacLeod, w/poem “In the Mind” by “Eric Riel”, “Lightless Dawn” by “Kevin MacLeod” w/poem “Hap” by “Eric Riel”, “Tea Roots” by “Kevin MacLeod” w/poem “Relentless” by “Eric Riel”, “Decisions” by “Kevin MacLeod” w/poem “Anxiouss ZZ” by “Eric Riel”, “Anxiety / Decay” by “Kevin MacLeod” w/poem “Staggering to Believe” by “Eric Riel”, “Take the Lead” by “Kevin MacLeod” w/poem “Moment I” by “Eric Riel”, “Deep Noise / Chee Zee Jungle” by “Kevin MacLeod” w/poem “Clean the Skies” by “Eric Riel”, “With the Sea” by “Kevin MacLeod” w/poem “Gap” by “Eric Riel”, “Achaidh Cheide” by “Kevin MacLeod” w/poem “Me Cash” by “Eric Riel”.

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