035 – Tip Of My Tongue: Cecilia Populus

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Cecilia Populus
is the editor of the music magazine On the Tip of My Tongue (formerly of Ears and Mouth), which also used to be the name of the music performance and interview show on San Francisco Channel 29, Public Access Cable TV that she produced and directed. MLR talks to Cecilia about the trials and tribulations of running a public access TV show, sharing with us lots of great stories from that time. The show was recently cancelled due to lack of funding, but featured local Bay Area talent and beyond such as:PC Munoz and the Amen CornerThe DevlinsGarrin Benfield, Wire Graffiti Lisa MandelsteinPaul ManousosItsAWhaleLane and the Badass Chicken BonesSimon Stinger, and The Church. You can still find the videos on You Tube which she produced, directed, and edited.

Credits: “MLR Intro” by “Rob McCann, “Film” by “The Church“, “Real World” by “Wire Graffiti“, “A Girl” by “Wire Graffiti“, “Mountain” by “Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy“, “Hell No” by “PC Muñoz“, “Comments” by “PC Muñoz“, “Hippie Girl” by “PC Muñoz” – Interview produced by Josh Almond.

Marty Willson-Piper (of the Church) – ‘Forget the Radio’ from On The Tip Of My Tongue

Mellow Drunk – ‘Angela’ from On The Tip Of My Tongue

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Josh Almond – Producer. An artist and musician out of San Francisco. He has played electric bass for over 20 years in bands such as Obscurity, Without Warning, Random Eye, and Left Out Lamont – and lead guitar in Gunpowder. He has also done quite a bit of unreleased solo recording as well. The eldest son of two local visual artists, he has also continued on that path having done over 400 abstract paintings over the last ten years.

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