053- Piano Stories: Richard Goldsworthy

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Australian Pianist and Composer Richard Goldsworthy creates tranquil, melodic and uplifting music for Solo Piano. Josh Almond interviews Richard about his early life in rock bands, his stint as the Australian Elton John, his collaboration with soul singer Tarvin Watson,  his solo performance work, and his thoughts on music as a healing art form. Richard is an independent artist that has been able to take his love of the piano and make a living at it. A true inspiration, for everyone.

Every Aussie has a Croc story right!  Come on – special bonus track: Richard talks Crocodile Tales.

Also Check out Richard’s YouTube Channel.

Credits: MLR Theme by Rob McCann, “Lifted” by “Richard Goldsworthy“, “A Leap of Faith” by ” Tarvin Watson and Richard Goldsworthy“, “My Sacred Place” by “Richard Goldsworthy“, “Gentle Autumn Rain” by “Richard Goldsworthy“, “The Passion” by “Richard Goldsworthy“, and “Starlight of Being” by “Richard Goldsworthy

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Josh Almond – Producer. An artist and musician out of San Francisco. He has played electric bass for over 20 years in bands such as Obscurity, Without Warning, Random Eye, and Left Out Lamont – and lead guitar in Gunpowder. He has also done quite a bit of unreleased solo recording as well. The eldest son of two local visual artists, he has also continued on that path having done over 400 abstract paintings over the last ten years.

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  1. I can’t believe it! My dear friend Tarvin Watson is now a professional musician. Tarvin if you are reading this, it’s your old friend Stacy. I always wondered what happened to you. And in case you ever wondered, I’m living on the air in Houston, Texas. And I don’t mean some radio station, I’m actually referring to oxygen lol. E-mail me at: chiefchief65@yahoo.com. I love you and miss you and think about you all the time.

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