064 – Progressions: Dominique Leone

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Dominique Leone wears many hats, has only a few faces, and has composed hundreds of songs.  He is a classically trained musician from Texas who now operates out of San Francisco. He’s a songwriter and producer, with more than a slight command of pop history and theory, and has used these skills as a music reviewer for several publications. Advancing from critic to composer, his music could be considered ”pop” with the occasional dash of “prog”, “conceptual art” or really good tv theme song. He´s one of a growing number of college-educated musical auteurs with more than a slight command of pop history and theory chops, and writing songs for joyous, infatuated (or over saturated) people.  Perhaps some of them just like good melodies with cool, strange chord progressions.  The critics (SPIN, Village Voice, Pitchfork, XLR8R) seemed to.

Credits: “MLR Intro” by “Rob McCann”, “Not to Cry” by “Dominique Leone“, “40/60” by  “Dominique Leone“, “Les Noces”  by Igor Stravinsky performed by “Dominique Leone“, “2×5” by “Steve Reich” performed  by “Dominique Leone“, “Happy New Year”  by “Dominique Leone“, “I’m The Police”  by “Dominique Leone

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Josh Almond – Producer. An artist and musician out of San Francisco. He has played electric bass for over 20 years in bands such as Obscurity, Without Warning, Random Eye, and Left Out Lamont – and lead guitar in Gunpowder. He has also done quite a bit of unreleased solo recording as well. The eldest son of two local visual artists, he has also continued on that path having done over 400 abstract paintings over the last ten years.

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