066 – Bohemian Soul Diva: Antonia Vai

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Antonia VaiAntonia Vai is a 24-year old singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Sweden, well-established on the music scene of Stockholm. She has been called a “Bohemian Soul Diva”,  mixing the elegance of a pop star, with the free spirit of a hippy, and she has is clearly been influenced by folk. Focused on storytelling, shaped by rhythms and unique melodies, every song turns into a journey.

In September 2012 she released her debut album “Lovers and Prophets“, immediately followed by a second album “Dirt From When the Earth Was Flat” (available on Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify).

Antonia shares her story with MLR, discussing her influences, her passion for stories, working within the Stockholm music scene, and we get to listen to several song from her two debut albums.


Credits: “MLR Intro” by “Rob McCann”, Intro Music “It’s 6 In The Morning and I Think I Love You – Instrumental version” by “Antonia Vai“,  “Time Killer” by “Antonia Vai“,  “Moth to the Flame” by “Antonia Vai“,  “43 Seconds to Hiroshima” by “Antonia Vai“,  “Dolinsko” by “Antonia Vai“.

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