070 – Relic of the Modern World: Kurdt Vanderhoof

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Kurdt VanderhoofKurdt Vanderhoof is a musician well known as the guitarist and songwriter of the pioneering heavy metal band Metal Church. Sometimes referred to as the other “Curt” from Aberdeen, Washington, he has played in many groups including The Lewd, Hall Aflame, Vanderhoof, and Presto Ballet.  In all aspects of his music, he strives for an organic and pure sound, relying on musicianship and real instruments to craft his songs.  We talk with Kurdt about his early days in Aberdeen, his move to Seattle to join the punk band The Lewd, how Metal Church was formed, and why after the first two Metal Church albums he began to get interested more in production and songwriting than live performance, We also talk about his latest project Presto Ballet, a throwback to 1970’s progressive rock combining elements of Yes, Rush, and Kansas, among others into new blend of progressive rock.

Presto Ballet Presto Ballet Live Relic Cover1357
Metal Church

Credits: “MLR Intro” by “Rob McCann”, “Relic of the Modern World” by “Presto Ballet“, “Kill Yourself” by “The Lewd“, “Metal Church” by “Metal Church“, “Badlands” by “Metal Church“, “Relic of the Modern World” by “Presto Ballet“, “One Tragedy at a Time” by “Presto Ballet“, “Peace Among the Ruins” by “Presto Ballet

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  1. NSS says:

    Thank you for that wonderfully in-depth interview. Badlands is my favorite Metal Church song, right next to Method To Your Madness.

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