088 – The Art of Zen Zenith

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394529_10150461536051445_284706338_nZen Tao-Journey Jimalric Stevensson-Zenith
 is a  musician, and guitar instructor from San Francisco. We talk to Zen about his upbringing in an “unschooled” household, his education at the Musician’s Institute, his musical career featuring his former band Please Do Not Fight, his work as a manager for the band Picture Atlantic, his podcasting work, and his current musical projects. We also hear some live music recorded at Music Life Radio studios.

Zen Zenith at MLR

Zen Zenith Hosting Rock Hop Nov 8

Zen Zenith Live

Credits: “MLR Intro” by “Rob McCann“, “Bones and Gratitude (intro)” by “Zen Zenith“, “Loaded Gun” by “Please Do Not Fight“,  “Broken Soundbites” recorded live at Music Life Radio by “Zen Zenith“, “Bones and Gratitude” (recorded live at Music Life Radio) by “Zen Zenith“.

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Daniel Sauter – Host and Executive Producer. Musician, IT professional, recording engineer, and geek-of-all-trades. His resume includes the bands Visitor 42, Gunpowder, Greg Volker & Deer Crossing, Raging Free Radicals, Lower Sound, and Illegal Action. He is also the loremaster for Rock and Royalties, the fantasy rock and roll trivia role playing game.

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