097 – Dodson and Fogg: Chris Wade

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Chris WadeChris Wade is an author, songwriter, and primary architect of Dodson and Fogg, a progressive folk recording project featuring an impressive lineup of musicians that help showcase his songwriting talents. He is the author of several nonfiction books about the music of Black Sabbath, The Incredible String Band, and the Kinks among others, and several fiction books including the “Cutey trilogy”. Chris also runs the magazine Hound Dawg which features interviews with musicians, and hosts a companion podcast of the same name. Dodson And Fogg has been called lots of things such as acid folk, psychedelic folk rock and prog folk but Chris prefers to think of himself as a songwriter and Dodson and Fogg as the vehicle for his varied ideas.  There have been  appearances by Nik Turner (Hawkwind) and the great Celia Humphris, of folk legends Trees.
ChrisWade  Dodson and Fogg: After the Fall Chris Wade with Family  Chris Wade and Rik Mayall Credits: “MLR Theme” by “Rob McCann”, “After the Fall” (intro music) by “Chris Wade“, “The Call” (background music) by “Chris Wade“, “Sweet Lily Rose” by “Chris Wade“, “You’re an Island” by “Chris Wade“, “Mystery” by “Chris Wade“, “Lord Above” by “Chris Wade“, “I Remember” by “Chris Wade” Videos

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