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DeniTimekode is the solo project of a maverick of a woman called DENI. Deni is a Producer, songwriter, composer, arranger, video artist, record company owner & author. Deni received a bass guitar from Marc Bolan (T.Rex) as a kid, and started off playing bass and singing in more traditional bands (Wildfire, the Lulu Boys, Mistress), but soon grew interested in incorporating electronic instruments and synthesized voices into her music. She formed a futuristic computer-based, electronic band, featuring robots, dance, graphics & music (LeLuLus), which received vast media coverage for playing in people’s living rooms, and culminating in a gig at The Royal Albert Hall with New Order. She is a pioneer in the use of singing machines, voice simulators, and human voice blends, and use of robots in live performances. In this interview Deni narrates the story of her early life, and then a voice simulator asks the remaining questions for Music Life Radio!

Deni / Timekode

Deni / Timekode

Timekode Logo


Deni and Marc Bolan

Mistress Band

Deni in the band Mistress

Credits: “MLR Intro” by “Rob McCann”, “C’Mon Now” by “Deni” on MoxieMix album, “Tell Him” performed by “Wildfire”, “Boom Boom” by “The Lulu Boys”, “Africa” by “Le Lulus”, “In The Year 2525” by “Timekode“, “You’ve Broken Thru” by “Timekode” “Fire” by “Timekode

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