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Chris KorpChris Korp sits down with Music Life Radio’s Erik Core to discuss the “legend” of the band Slackbone.

Slackbone was a Bay Area punk rock band formed by a group of baggage handlers, after purchasing instruments from their local music shop who was holding a going out of business sale. The first incarnation featured Wayner (lead vocals),  Suzanne Kimmel (bass)Con Shegeleff (drums), and Chris Korp (guitar, vocals). Slackbone was known for their high energy brand of punk rock, and outrageous costumes. They were one of the featured bands at the Nightbreak in the Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco for many years in the late 90’s.

Chris Korp and Erik Core

Chris Korp and Erik Core



Geekfest 96

Credits: Music Life Radio intro by “Rob McCann”, “Moving On”, “No God“, “Take No Prisoners” and “Big J M” by “Slackbone”.

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Erik Core – Producer. Best known as the “Mariachi from Hell”, “Bob Dylan on PCP” or quite simply the Grand Master of acoustic punk/thrash/hardcore is currently the lead singer and rhythm acoustic guitarist in Gunpowder. His past projects include Gods of the Revolution, Attack of the Zombie Pimps, and the Violators.

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