120 – Rock & Roll Redemption: Frank Castro

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frankheadFrank Castro spent time in prison where he helped start an inmate-run music program. The power of music helped to change his life around by giving him something to care about, and other positive events soon followed.  Soon after he gets clean, earns an AA degree, and becomes a drug and alcohol counsellor. Frank is now out of prison, and rebuilding his life. Erik Core interviews Frank all about his Rock and Roll Redemption.

Frank Castro

Jail Guitar Doors

Organization’s like “Jail Guitar Doors” bring music equipment to prisoners.

Credits: “MLR Intro” by “Rob McCann”, “Octoblues” by “Kevin MacLeod“, “Mountains on the Moon” by Antony Castro.

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Erik Core – Producer. Best known as the “Mariachi from Hell”, “Bob Dylan on PCP” or quite simply the Grand Master of acoustic punk/thrash/hardcore is currently the lead singer and rhythm acoustic guitarist in Gunpowder. His past projects include Gods of the Revolution, Attack of the Zombie Pimps, and the Violators.

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