121 – The Many Transitions of Johnny Truant

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Johnny Truant is the vocalist for the band The Truants, a self-described “SAN FRANCISCO BASED POST-PUNK/WEIRDO ROCK BAND. WE ARE QUEER, DARK AND CONFRONTATIONAL, YET MOTIVATED BY THE JOY OF ROCK N ROLL. WE WILL MAKE YOU DANCE. WE WILL MAKE YOU SWEAT. WE WILL MAKE YOU QUESTION YOUR SEXUALITY.” Johnny talks with MLR’s Erik Core about his life story including his musical history, intrigue with the androgynous rock star archetype, gender transition, and what it’s like to be in a band with his own father. Plus we listen to a couple of great tracks from The Truants forthcoming album, yet to be released.

Johnny Truant

Guitar: Khalil Sullivan, Drums: Estaybahn, Vocals: Johnny Truant, Bass: Colin Wild

Credits: “MLR Theme” by “Rob McCann”, “Wasted Youth” by “The Truants“, “Millennial” by “The Truants

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Erik Core – Producer. Best known as the “Mariachi from Hell”, “Bob Dylan on PCP” or quite simply the Grand Master of acoustic punk/thrash/hardcore is currently the lead singer and rhythm acoustic guitarist in Gunpowder. His past projects include Gods of the Revolution, Attack of the Zombie Pimps, and the Violators.

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