022 – An Interesting Life: Jason Everman

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Jason Everman
has lived a very interesting life, and he is just getting started! He has been in several of my favorite bands including Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Mindfunk, and  he has spent parts of his life as a commercial fisherman, a Nepalese monk, a bike messenger, both an Army Ranger and Special Forces soldier, and a student of Philosophy.  Check out this profound interview with guitar hero, war veteran, and historian/philosopher Jason Everman.


Credits: MLR Intro by “Rob McCann“, “Prelude” by “Jason Everman”, “I’m Not Going” by “Stonecrow”, “Aero-Zeppelin (live at the Vougue)” by “Nirvana“, “Beyond the Wheel (live at the Whiskey)” by “Soundgarden“, “Wisteria” by “Mindfunk“, “Exposition” by “Jason Everman”, “Development” by “Jason Everman”, “Recapitulation” by “Jason Everman”, “Coda” by “Jason Everman”, “11 Ton Butterfly” by “Mindfunk“.

Check out these videos featuring Jason Everman in various bands, including Mindfunk, Soundgarden, and Nirvana. Also check out Jason’s “Go To War” playlist.


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  1. Very cool interview.

    Chris Elliott

    • Brian Schrimpsher says:

      I remember eating chocolate covered coffee beans with this man. While on gate duty, laying on the hood of an S-10 engine to keep warm. Not only that, but my contacts messed up and I had to dig it our with a pocket knife. Great night! Miss ya bro! thought everyone was bullshitting about you. Get in touch on Facebook sometime. Brian Schrimpsher.

      • Brian Schrimpsher says:

        I remember someone telling me about a special helmet when on tour with Faith No More….Where ever or whatever, you are a brother.

        • Brian Schrimpsher says:

          You can leave that one alone Chris. Please. Cause all you are going to get is laughter.

  2. Mimi (Sieber-Everman) Jennison (Jason's sister) says:

    Yes, a very interesting life…I also still listen to Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazelwood…got to see them BOTH perform at House of Blues in 1996….
    And memories of Stonecrow…so totally remember…My parents loved Chad, he was the most polite of all the boys…
    So awesome to hear…haven’t heard this in 25 years!!!

  3. Anchor (Jason's Nephew) says:

    Pretty Awesome Uncle..Longest time I’ve heard you speak.

    • Hanna says:

      Hey… I am doing an Oral History brief on Jason Everman… is he really your uncle? I was trying to get some more information on him for my presentation.

  4. John says:

    I haven’t read Come As You Are in about fifteen years so it’s hard to remember much about Everman but I seem to recall the book painting him as kind of a raunchy metal head that didn’t quite fit with Nirvana. This interview really clears some stuff up. He’s really reasonable and humble seeming and soft spoken. He reminds me of Kurt and Krist.

  5. (Mica) says:

    I like the title and all but I’d call it a beautiful life. Reminds me of darkness fading into light. Enjoyed the interview, muchas gracias.

  6. nabil says:

    je suis un fan du groupe nirvana et je demande a touts les fans de ce groupe ( nirvana ) que j’ai besoin d’un service si qu’elle q’un veux me rendre ce service contacté moi dans ma boite émail: kurt-archi@live.fr merci ^^

  7. Kelly Vista says:

    For all the bizarre stuff you read and hear about Jason Everman, he ends up being the polar opposite — an intelligent, thoughtful, reasonable, reflective person. It definitely makes sense that he is able to accomplish a lot of things (music, military, philosophy academics) – someone raised him right, with a generally good attitude about life. Great to finally hear him in a forum like this — helps complete the Rest of The Story. Thanks for posting it! Good luck Jason, you’ve had a pretty fortunate life thus far.

  8. Another Jason says:

    A very interesting interview with a fascinating person. Thank you!

  9. fellow vet writer says:

    An interesting, i.e. good, interview.

  10. Johnny Mojo says:

    Yo Jason Everman ( the come-back kid.)

    I always did prefer the early Nirvana (4-piece and Soundgarden with the Legendary Hiro Yamamoto & Jason Everman. The “Classic” SUBPOP SEATTLE grunge years was all over after 1990. I really do like all those “Live Performances” on the Bleach/ Louder than love Tours in 1989-1990. (Youtube)

    Stonecrow “I m Not Leaving” 1987 with Chad Channing/Jason Everman was pure Seattle hardcore…

    As i look back at my “beerglass” i just can’t stop thinking – in which Yamamoto/Everman were just the guitar-playing dudes playing the guitar-playing dudes. and the audience loved it.

    It would be so wrong to have any Nirvana reunion without the Legendary Chad Channing / Dale Grover / Jason Everman.

  11. suzy says:

    For me the best Subpop years where Nirvana’s Bleach Album /Tour 1989 with the Legendary Jason Everman (guitar) & Chad Channing (drums). There was nothing “quick” or “easy” about this 26-concert Bleach tour. It was bloody hard work and sweat!!!!

    “Negative creep”
    “Big Cheese”
    “School” / “Dive”

    A good job too on Soundgardens Louder than Live tour 1989-90. with the legendary Jason Everman on bass guitar:

  12. PUSSY GALORE 2011 says:

    Pure Seattle Hardcore!!! ( What a cool Legacy!!!) You Cannot beat the Bleach & Louder than Love Tour 1989-1990 by Nirvana and Soundgarden. I would not kick the great Jason Everman out of bed for crumbs. Good guy too On /off stage…

  13. Heather says:

    Wow – what an interesting, cool sounding, down to earth guy. He has done a lot. Sounds like he really enjoys life and where is has taken him and where he is going. Thanks for the interview – don’t really know how I ended up on this page – looking at extinct animals in Tasmania some how led to Alaska, then here! Just like following the branches & tangents when reading an encyclopedia or dictionary… Anyhow, it was great to listen to your discussion. It would be awesome to sit and have a conversation with Jason, on probably any topic.

  14. Maldo says:

    Hey John (7:30 AM) — do you think people can change over the course of 22 years?

  15. An old friend says:

    I’m a very old friend of Jason’s. Trust me, this guy is ANYTHING but humble. He refers to himself as a Renaissance man…and is serious.

  16. Skittles the Cat says:

    Awesome interview Jason. Come back to Seattle soon. Team room is open. Beer is on me. PS: We’re short bravos. Just say’n.

  17. JOHNNY SWISH 2012 says:







  18. T says:

    Whats up Brother, been a long time, last I saw you we were BS’ing about rocket attacks and some heavy ones dropped on their POO’s at a little way off the beaten path desert mountain outpost. ahh I miss those days, my 20 is up, survived the last hoorah and its time for me to do my calling on the railroads. Montesquieu, Locke, Voltaire, Rousseau and Rand will all be with me. Just not so sure about my choice of instrument yet, it might just be a harmonica (easy to carry).

  19. DJ says:

    Just ran accross this archived interview. Saw JE during the Louder Than… Tour and wondered what happened to him after Mindfunk. What a crazy trip!

  20. Johnny Supplément says:

    Nirvana Bleach (1989) Original

    Kurdt Cobain: Vocals / Guitar
    Dave Novoselic: Bass
    Chad Channing: Drums
    Jason Everman: 2nd Guitar


    Love from the Real Nirvana Fans XXXX
    Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame 2014

  21. The Johnnys says:

    I use to be a singer too in a post punk / hardrock / band, back in the early 80’s ( checkout “A Pirates Dream” / “Frolic” ( The Tail Wagging The Dog!! ) – I was fired because i got caught miming!! 😉

    I heard a rumour that they do a good cup of coffee & haircuts in Seattle these days!!


    Johnny Supplément ( France )

  22. The Electronic Dog says:

    Mindfunk Live 1993 with Jason Everman ( Nirvana, Soundgarden )

  23. Two Dogs Shined... says:

    MIND FUNK LIVE ROSKILDE FESTIVAL 1992 ( full concert ) w – Jason Everman


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